Monday, December 17, 2007

Hey Guys!

Hey so I'm just listening to "You Can't Stop the Beat" from the movie Hairspray! I like that song the best from that movie! Umm.. well nothing really interesting happened today except that we had a bunch of benchmark tests! Those are my favorite! Haha! Umm well I had a really fun weekend! On Friday Megan, our friend Forest and I all hung out and we went to this sleigh ride that was going on in my grandma's neighborhood! We had a bunch of fun! Then we all just hung out in my grandma's living room! Then we went outside and played around out there! That night Megan spent the night with me and then Forest called us the next day and we talked to him for a little bit and then we worked on my book report that was due today. I had to make a diorama and we had to paint it! Then we made a wagon for it and if I say so myself it was pretty AMAZING haha! Then on Sunday we went to church (of course what else would we do on Sunday) and Maddie had a program that she had a speaking part in and she did really good! I was very proud of her! Then after that we (my family and my mom's mom and sister and niece and their kids) went to Pei Wei and ate lunch! Then after all that I did my regular routine of coming home calling my grandma and asking her if it's ok with my dad if I can come to her house, then she always says yes so when my dad is going to the Children Center he drops me off at her house and we just hang out! It's always fun at her house! This week my cousin Devon came because my grandma was having a Christmas party at her friend's house for her small groups at her church and Devon was going to that so I got to see her for a little bit! Then my grandma dropped me off at my house and then I had my dad help me do my homework! Then went to bed! So that was my interesting weekend! I hope you enjoyed it! Haha! Oh and we are having a Christmas party with my youth on Wednesday and I am very excited! Well if you want to party hardy with us on that day ask me about it! Haha! J/K! Haha! Talk to you later!


Saturday, November 10, 2007


Hi well I haven't been on in a long time! Well nothing really interesting has happened except that I aced my vocab test in English 'cause I studied and it will bring my C up to a B and I'm excited! Right now I'm listening to Headstrong by Ashley Tisdale. I like it but it's kinda weird! Today I have cleaned my room and the bathroom and vacuumed the living room. We are having one of my mom's friends come over to watch the OU football game tonight! I tried to invite my friend Kristianna and Kelsey and my cousin Devon over too but none of them can! I wasn't tyring to invite them all at the same time but I was trying to invite them! Now I am listening to Heels over Head chipmunk version by Girls like Boys. I really want that CD! I am going to ask for it for Christmas. There's an idea for you Mom if you read this! Haha! Now I am listening to my favorite song ever called Crank dat Forest Gump! Well today has been pretty boring I just got finished talking to Vanessa on the phone it was amazing! Hahaha just kidding but it was cool I guess! Well I think I am going to go! ILY


Monday, October 8, 2007

Middle name meme

Okay well I don't exactly get what I am supposed to do so I am just going ot copy this from my mom's blog and do the best I can. You must list one fact that is somehow relevant to your life for each letter of your middle name. If you don't have a middle name, use the middle name you would have liked to have had. At the end of your post, you need to choose one person for each letter of your middle name to tag. Got it? Good!

K-kind to almost everyone (at least I try to be)
R-really blonde [almost all the time actually]
I-into my Youth group
T- tired every single day (cause I get up at the crack of dawn/5:30am)
I-inspired (I couldn't really think of anything because I already used my I word for the other one)
N- not too loud but not too quite either! I'm in the middle depends on the mood I'm in!

Okay so I think I did it right now I think I have to go tag people and I'm pretty sure the only other people I want to tagg have already been tagged so I think I am just going to tag Megan and that's it! Well I don't have that much more to say so bye!


Monday, September 24, 2007

Six Flags!

Hello I went to Six Flags yesterday! It was soooooo much fun! I got back at 12:30 and then took a shower. Then I went to bed but then I had a bad dream so I woke up and couldn't go back to sleep! I was really tired today at school! Megan, Bailey and Katie didn't have to go to school today it was a professional day for them! I rode the Superman, the Batman, the Texas Giant, the Titan and Mr. freeze! Mr. Freeze was probably my favorite one because it was a roller coaster that went straight up in the air then right back down! It was really fast it was like 45 sec I'm not even kidding we counted! We also rode this one ride were you got soaking wet there wasn't one spot on you that was dry! It was so much fun! I made friends but I don't really know their names they live in Texas! They were really nice! I bought a t-shirt, I got a pink dog thing because this girl tried to guess my age and got it wrong! She said I was 15 years old! Then we made t-shirts that said (on the front) Look out Six Flags here we come! (on back) Okie Girls gonna have some fun then in parentheses it said yee haw! I had a lot of fun! I really want to go back! I rode all the rides that everybody wanted to ride! The weirdest thing though was that I wasn't really scared for any of them the only one I was scared for was Mr. freeze but that was mainly because I had to go to the bathroom really bad and I was afraid I might go when we went up! I didn't though! Bailey lost Katie's head band on that ride I almost lost Megen's ribbon I felt slapping my face! Well as you can tell we obviously had fun! I am glad to be home though we had to do a lot of walking so my feet are really sore but my thighs hurt the worst! Anyways I will talk to you later. I think I am about to watch Heroes with my dad and sister! ILYSM!


O yeah and on Friday I figured out that my friend Joe is moving! He was supposed to move last weekend but he didn't he is moving this weekend instead! He said the transfer thingy wasn't ready or something like that! I am really sad though because he is like one of my best guy friends! I think I might cry when he does move! He is moving to Michigan with his Mom!

Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hey guess what today I had to go to school! Well you probably already knew that but anyways! just 3 days till Six Flags! I am very excited for that! Even though I told you that like 5000 times already! O well it proves how excited I am! Ha ha! Well today I felt really bad because my friend Abby asked me to break up with her boyfriend for her and I said OK! So I wrote him a note and it was really sad! I asked him if he was sad and he was like yeah! Then he had it in his other folder and he was reading it over again! It was really sad it almost made me cry! Just kidding it didn't almost make me cry but it was really sad! Then this guy named Kaleb asked me if I would ask my friend Hailey out for him! I don't know if I am going to or not but I might! So yeah today everyone kept using me as their boyfriend/girlfriend helper! It was strange! OK well I don't have anything else to talk about except that I going to go get some more makeup when my Mom gets back but that's not really important! So I'm going to go!


Monday, September 17, 2007

Hi :)

Hello OK well this is kind of embarrassing but I just took an inner blond test and I got none of the questions right! It told me I was a true blond! Haha! well I guess it explains me though! Well today is my daddy's birthday and we went to Hunan Garden for his birthday dinner! Even though it's not my favorite I still ate it! I actually was wanting some sweet and sour chicken really badly! Well this weekend I get to go to Six Flags for Megan's birthday and I am so excited! I really and truly can't wait! We are going to leave on Saturday and go to Ardmore and stay at a hotel! Then on Sunday we are going to go the rest of the way and stay at Six Flags all day long! I am sooooo excited you don't even know! Today right when I got home we went to the Big Red Store to buy my Dad his birthday present. I had homework so I had to do my homework on the way there and then we went to see Bubba! He had eye surgery today so his eye is swollen but I think that it will be able to actually open now! I am excited to see it! When we got there (tcc) we had to sign in and while my mom and sister signed in I stood there and did my homework! It was kind of funny! Well last weekend I went to a Bethany football game. It was a lot of fun! Then I spent the night with Megan and Devon! Devon and her friend, well I guess she's my friend too, went to the fair with Devon's other friend Sandy! I think they had fun! That was on Saturday! On Saturday I went to my grandmother's house and watched OU play football! I got to try a Red Bull! It was good but it had a bad after taste! My mom's friend Angie and her daughter Ashleigh watched the game with us! My Dad went to the game with my uncle! Well that is pretty much all that has happened since the last time! O yea, I am feeling better now for those of you who knew I wasn't feeling good! OK well I got to go!


Monday, September 10, 2007


Hello! I haven't been on in a SUPER long time! I have been really busy! Well last Thursday I was supposed to go to one of my schools football games but it got cancelled for sewer problems! It made me really mad! I was going to go with my friend Kelsey and we were both VERY sad so she asked her mom if I could come over and she said yes so I went to Kelsey's house on Thursday! Then on Friday I spent the night at Paige's house! It was fun! We pretty much just watched movies but they were good movies so that's good! We watched Disturbia and Blades of Glory! I fell asleep in the middle of both of them! It was funny because she was telling someone in Disturbia to run and I was half asleep and I turned over and asked her if she was talking to me and she was like NO I am talking to the TV, Kayleigh and I just turned over and went back to sleep! It was FUNNY you just had to be there for it! Yeah I hope they get their toilets fixed by Thursday or I will be really mad! I am expecting to go to this game! I guess I could go to the 7th grade games but that would be kind of awkward considering I don't really know that many 7th graders at my school! And the ones I do know go to the 8th grade games anyways! Today I didn't feel very good! My throat hurt and I had a cough! I am soooooooo EXCITED because I get to eat twice baked potatoes tonight for dinner! I♥TWICE BAKED POTATOES! OK well I think I should probably go so I will talk to you later!


Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hey I know that I just posted a blog but that was just a video! Well today at school was OK! I guess? Right now I am listing to Break fest at Tiffany's! That's a really good song! Well today I figured out that I am going to be bringing three more friends to the lock in I think! They are Devon's friends, actually they are kinda my friends too! But we don't know for sure if they are coming! Today I met a REALLY cute guy and I think that I might like him! I don't really know for sure though! I got to see my KELSEY a lot today! I miss her sooo MUCHO! Finally Lauren found some new friends! Now she doesn't have to follow me around all the time! She sat with them at lunch! Another good thing about that is I don't have to hear all about how she is mad at Kelsey! Today I had homework in math and science! My science teacher is getting meaner! I don't even know if that's a word! O well! So far my favorite teacher is my English teacher! His name is Mr. Johnston! Today I got to talk to my old English teacher and history teacher! They were my favorite teachers last year! I miss them a whole bunch! Mr. Gray moved up stairs so I get to see him more than Ms. Oxley but I still get to see her too! I also saw Mrs. Holcomb the other day! She was my science teacher last year! She was nice too but then she got kind of mean at the end! She wasn't necessarily mean to me but she was mean to the whole class! Well I have to go I am about to eat a brownie! Talk to you tomorrow!


Hannah Montana

This is one of my favorite songs. It by Hannah Montana - don't laugh at me...

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm Back in School!

hey I started school last Wednesday! I am already excited for summer! Isn't that sad? Well I am really excited about Friday because there is going to be a lock in at my church! It will be really FUN! I am inviting my cousin Devon and my friend Paige! We are going to have a MUCHO FUN time! Right now I am listening to a song by Hannah Montana! it is called Rockstar! it is a very good song I like it a lot! Megan and my younger cousin EmiLee are going to Hannah Montana's concert! I want to go but I probably won't be going! O well that's OK it doesn't really bother me that much! Well today at school was actually kind of fun! I had homework in math! That wasn't very fun but o well it's a part of school! It's one of the parts I hate! Actually I just don't like school at at all! Guess what I just realized that there are little things you can do to make words bold and make little hearts it is sooo AMAZING! Well I can't really think of anything else to say except that I am probably going to be getting on more often because school started and I am going to tell you things that happened at school! Well Gotta Go!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I changed my Blog!

Hey, I changed my blog in in case someone got on mine and thought that I was someone different! Just Kidding! Megan isn't going to be at church I am a little sad about that! VBS was last week it was really fun! Megan and I were actresses! We weren't the best! The last night we had to be guys with beards! It was very interesting! The beards itched really bad! Every time I would talk the hair would get in my mouth! It was really gross! I am getting sad that summer is ending! I don't really want to go to school! All my good friends are on different teams than I am so I don't really know anyone really good! I know a few but not a lot! Well I have to go!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back Home!

Hey i am back home now! i am soo glad to be home but I miss all my friends in Mississippi! My friend marley came back with me! She left today! When i got home I left the next day to go on a mission trip in Oklahoma City! I had a lot of fun! Tommorow me and Maddie are going to Megan and devon's house! i am excited becasue I havnt seen them in a long time! Right when I got home they left to go to Huston! Tonight my dad and I are going to watch Gohst Ridder1 I am excited!School is starting August 15! I am not ready to go back to school yet! i am excited to see all my friends but not to do the learning part! Well I cant stay on long so I have to go! LYSM! K bye!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hey It's me Again!

Hey well last night I spent the night with my cousin(Megan)! Then today we babysat my little sister and Megan's little sister! Then we went to my little cousin's (EmiLee's) softball game! Rain out games are going on right now! My rain out game is sometime soon but I'm not going to be there for it! I am leaving to go to Mississippi in 2 days! I am soo excited! I am going to pack all day tomorrow! right now I am listening to Potential Break Up Song by Aly and Aj! it's a really good song I like it a lot! My dad and I, and my little sister are about to go outside and play catch! Oh yeah by the way I got links to other blogs on my blog now so if you are interested in my mom's blog or my dad's or even my cousin's you can just click on them! I am going to add more when I figure out how to do that! my dad did it for me last night! Oh yeah and on Saturday I went to a wedding! This is a pic of me and Maddie at the wedding! It was fun! Well I have to go now but talk to you later! K bye!

Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm Going To Mississippi!

Hey sorry that my post is going to be kind of boring and ugly! I can't change the color of my text! I am very sad too! Well tonight I am spending the night with my cousin(Megan)for those of you who know who she is! I am going to Mississippi in 3 days! I am Sooo VERY excited! When I come back there is going to be a mission trip thing that the middle schoolers are doing! It's going to be in Oklahoma but it will be a lot of fun! I am very excited about that too! We get to spend the night at the church! My friend Marley who lives in Mississippi MIGHT be coming back home with me! If she does she MIGHT be doing the mission trip thing with me! It will be a lot of fun to have her do that with me! Well today I was outside and I was listening to my iPod and i bent down to get my ear phone and I accidentally hit a flower that we had in a flower pot and a bee came out and it stung me on the arm! Right where I have to bend my arm it was swollen for a little bit but I am all better! Well I have to go eat dinner so talk to you later! Bye!

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Guess What!?

On July 12 we are leaving to go to Mississippi! I only have three more softball games! I am excited for Saterday because I have movie night with my youth group! Today at church they showed a slide show of when I went to camp! It was really cool! Iam kind of nervouse for our last 3 games because I might be pitching and I have never pitched before! My dad and grandpa have been woeking on it with me! I'm a little bit excited about doing that! In a little bit my dad and I are going to go outside and practice! When I come home from Mississippi my friend Marley might be riding home with me! I am VERY excited about that because she has never been to my house before! I can't wait untill I go to Mississippi because I get to go swimming every day! Well I can't think of anything else to say so BYE!

Here is the link to the slideshow.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Hey it's finally summer! I am really excited! I went to camp the first week ! The camp's name was Disciple! I went with my youth group! Well just some of the middle schoolers! I have already gotten sunburned! My family (my mom, dad, and sister) might be going to Mississippi for three or four days! Then I am going to stay for three weeks after that! I am really excited! My grandparents have a neighborhood swimming pool like four houses down from them so I will be swimming a lot! It will be really fun! I can't wait to see all my friends! My cousin Devon is going to Houston next week and is going to stay down there for two weeks after that! She is babysitting for my 2ND cousin! My softball season is getting better! We actually won three games in a row! We beat an undefeated team! For the last three games I am going to be the pitcher! I am excited but I am also really nervous! My grandpa is working on it with me! Well I cant think of anything else to say so! Bye! Oh yea Fletcher came home yesterday for Father's Day!

Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Hey OK well I haven't been on in a long time so there is alot of stuff that you guys need to catch up on! Umm well we (my softball team) had our first game on Friday! We did pretty good! We lost by one point but that's OK! We were supposed to have a game on Monday but it got rained out! 3 out of 4 of our games have gotten rained out except our round robins and the game on Friday! I am supposed to have a game tomorrow but there is a chance that it will be rained out also! After my game I spent the night with my friend Paige! We had alot of fun we watched Bring it On All or Nothing! Then at 11:00 on Saturday I went to this banquette thing at my grandma's church! Then I went up to see Fletcher! After I saw Fletcher I went to my grandma's house to hang out with my cousin! Well I have kind of had a cold or drainage or something like that so I haven't been feeling too good lately! I am getting better I don't have a sore throat anymore I just have a runny nose and a cough! Today I did a presentation at school over Germany! Hayley and I worked on it together! I am pretty sure that we got a 100! Today I did the most embarrassing thing ever I saw someone in the hall and thought it was someone else and I started yelling Hi but I guess the guy he was walking with thought I was talking to him because he started waving at me and giving me this really weird look! It was sooo embarrassing! He also had in team in my math class! In team is when you did something bad and you have to go to another grade and stay in a class room and do all your work in there for a few days! That was just for those of you who didn't know what in team was! Well I think that is pretty much all that was really interesting that happened to me! I am really exited for summer! LYL!

Monday, February 26, 2007


Hey I know I haven't been on in a long time but I have been really busy with school and all that stuff. Well a couple of my friends are mad at each other right now and somehow my friend Hayley and I got mixed up in it! I don't really feel like talking about that right now though! I am going to talk about what I did this weekend! Well I spent the night with my friend Paige and got a new cell phone! That was on Friday night! Then on Saturday I went with her and her family to her brothers basketball game! It was kind of fun but he is in elementary school so it wasn't that interesting! LOL just kidding! Then after that I went home for about 45 min. and then went over to my grandma's house and spent the night there and went to church with her! I had a lot of fun! On Saturday night my cousin and some of her friends along with my grandma and aunt went to go see The Bridge to Tarabethia! That is probably one of the saddest movies ever, everyone in the movie theater was crying including me! It was really sad! Well my new phone is a camera phone but the Sim card doesn't work so I can't call anyone or receive calls from anyone! I'm still getting there! Well I can't think of anything else to say so see you later! LYL! Kayleigh!

Saturday, February 10, 2007


OK well yesterday I went to school! After school I went to my grandma's house! I had fun there! Today I am doing my laundry! I am supposed to do my laundry because it's my chore! My dad is annoying me right now he keeps on talking to me while I'm typing and if someone is talking to me while I'm typing I start typing what they are saying! Later today I think I am supposed to go to my grandma's house again because my mom and dad are going to dinner with their friends! Devon and Megan are probably going to be there! It will be a little bit more fun because yesterday it was just Maddie and me there and it's not too fun when there's only 2 people there! Maddie isn't sick any more and I think Fletcher is doing better! I;m not quite sure though! I haven't seen him in a long time! Since Maddie can't go to see him during RSVP season I don't really go up there as much as I normally would! During the summer we usually go after church or on a day when we are supposed to go some were and we are meeting them there! We also just go to see him for the fun of it during the summer not just for those reasons! Right now everyone at my house is asleep! I'mthe only one awake! My mom is up with Fletcher! Devon is supposed to be calling me back sometime soon! Well I'm pretty much done I have to read my e-mail because I haven't in like for ever! So LYL bye!

Thursday, February 8, 2007

My New Blog

Hey ok well I'm just going to talk about what I did today! Today I had to go to school! Maddie has been sick and so has my Fletcher! Well I am about to go to Maddie's open house at her school I think it will be a lot of fun because I have never been to her school before! Today my friend Hayley invited my friend Kelsey and me to come over to her house tomorrow and spend the night if it was alright with her mom and our moms! I don't know if I will be able to or not because I have to go to my grandmas house on Friday night! Even if I don't get to go I will have a lot of fun at my grandma's house! Maybe my cousins will be there! We always have sooo much FUN! Like last night while Megan and I were at church we like got attack by all these balls! Then Megan told me to catch one and she threw like 5 balls at me! It was really funny! Kelsey makes fun of the way I run because she says I like hop around then take a big jump and that I walk too fast for a human being! She makes me laugh! Well my friend Abby hasn't been at school for the last three days because she got suspended! Well I can't really think of anything else to say so bye! LyL: Kayleigh