Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hey guess what today I had to go to school! Well you probably already knew that but anyways! just 3 days till Six Flags! I am very excited for that! Even though I told you that like 5000 times already! O well it proves how excited I am! Ha ha! Well today I felt really bad because my friend Abby asked me to break up with her boyfriend for her and I said OK! So I wrote him a note and it was really sad! I asked him if he was sad and he was like yeah! Then he had it in his other folder and he was reading it over again! It was really sad it almost made me cry! Just kidding it didn't almost make me cry but it was really sad! Then this guy named Kaleb asked me if I would ask my friend Hailey out for him! I don't know if I am going to or not but I might! So yeah today everyone kept using me as their boyfriend/girlfriend helper! It was strange! OK well I don't have anything else to talk about except that I going to go get some more makeup when my Mom gets back but that's not really important! So I'm going to go!