Tuesday, May 8, 2007


Hey OK well I haven't been on in a long time so there is alot of stuff that you guys need to catch up on! Umm well we (my softball team) had our first game on Friday! We did pretty good! We lost by one point but that's OK! We were supposed to have a game on Monday but it got rained out! 3 out of 4 of our games have gotten rained out except our round robins and the game on Friday! I am supposed to have a game tomorrow but there is a chance that it will be rained out also! After my game I spent the night with my friend Paige! We had alot of fun we watched Bring it On All or Nothing! Then at 11:00 on Saturday I went to this banquette thing at my grandma's church! Then I went up to see Fletcher! After I saw Fletcher I went to my grandma's house to hang out with my cousin! Well I have kind of had a cold or drainage or something like that so I haven't been feeling too good lately! I am getting better I don't have a sore throat anymore I just have a runny nose and a cough! Today I did a presentation at school over Germany! Hayley and I worked on it together! I am pretty sure that we got a 100! Today I did the most embarrassing thing ever I saw someone in the hall and thought it was someone else and I started yelling Hi but I guess the guy he was walking with thought I was talking to him because he started waving at me and giving me this really weird look! It was sooo embarrassing! He also had in team in my math class! In team is when you did something bad and you have to go to another grade and stay in a class room and do all your work in there for a few days! That was just for those of you who didn't know what in team was! Well I think that is pretty much all that was really interesting that happened to me! I am really exited for summer! LYL!