Tuesday, August 21, 2007


Hey I know that I just posted a blog but that was just a video! Well today at school was OK! I guess? Right now I am listing to Break fest at Tiffany's! That's a really good song! Well today I figured out that I am going to be bringing three more friends to the lock in I think! They are Devon's friends, actually they are kinda my friends too! But we don't know for sure if they are coming! Today I met a REALLY cute guy and I think that I might like him! I don't really know for sure though! I got to see my KELSEY a lot today! I miss her sooo MUCHO! Finally Lauren found some new friends! Now she doesn't have to follow me around all the time! She sat with them at lunch! Another good thing about that is I don't have to hear all about how she is mad at Kelsey! Today I had homework in math and science! My science teacher is getting meaner! I don't even know if that's a word! O well! So far my favorite teacher is my English teacher! His name is Mr. Johnston! Today I got to talk to my old English teacher and history teacher! They were my favorite teachers last year! I miss them a whole bunch! Mr. Gray moved up stairs so I get to see him more than Ms. Oxley but I still get to see her too! I also saw Mrs. Holcomb the other day! She was my science teacher last year! She was nice too but then she got kind of mean at the end! She wasn't necessarily mean to me but she was mean to the whole class! Well I have to go I am about to eat a brownie! Talk to you tomorrow!


Hannah Montana

This is one of my favorite songs. It by Hannah Montana - don't laugh at me...

Monday, August 20, 2007

I'm Back in School!

hey I started school last Wednesday! I am already excited for summer! Isn't that sad? Well I am really excited about Friday because there is going to be a lock in at my church! It will be really FUN! I am inviting my cousin Devon and my friend Paige! We are going to have a MUCHO FUN time! Right now I am listening to a song by Hannah Montana! it is called Rockstar! it is a very good song I like it a lot! Megan and my younger cousin EmiLee are going to Hannah Montana's concert! I want to go but I probably won't be going! O well that's OK it doesn't really bother me that much! Well today at school was actually kind of fun! I had homework in math! That wasn't very fun but o well it's a part of school! It's one of the parts I hate! Actually I just don't like school at at all! Guess what I just realized that there are little things you can do to make words bold and make little hearts it is sooo AMAZING! Well I can't really think of anything else to say except that I am probably going to be getting on more often because school started and I am going to tell you things that happened at school! Well Gotta Go!

Saturday, August 11, 2007

I changed my Blog!

Hey, I changed my blog in in case someone got on mine and thought that I was someone different! Just Kidding! Megan isn't going to be at church I am a little sad about that! VBS was last week it was really fun! Megan and I were actresses! We weren't the best! The last night we had to be guys with beards! It was very interesting! The beards itched really bad! Every time I would talk the hair would get in my mouth! It was really gross! I am getting sad that summer is ending! I don't really want to go to school! All my good friends are on different teams than I am so I don't really know anyone really good! I know a few but not a lot! Well I have to go!