Sunday, June 24, 2007

Guess What!?

On July 12 we are leaving to go to Mississippi! I only have three more softball games! I am excited for Saterday because I have movie night with my youth group! Today at church they showed a slide show of when I went to camp! It was really cool! Iam kind of nervouse for our last 3 games because I might be pitching and I have never pitched before! My dad and grandpa have been woeking on it with me! I'm a little bit excited about doing that! In a little bit my dad and I are going to go outside and practice! When I come home from Mississippi my friend Marley might be riding home with me! I am VERY excited about that because she has never been to my house before! I can't wait untill I go to Mississippi because I get to go swimming every day! Well I can't think of anything else to say so BYE!

Here is the link to the slideshow.

Monday, June 18, 2007


Hey it's finally summer! I am really excited! I went to camp the first week ! The camp's name was Disciple! I went with my youth group! Well just some of the middle schoolers! I have already gotten sunburned! My family (my mom, dad, and sister) might be going to Mississippi for three or four days! Then I am going to stay for three weeks after that! I am really excited! My grandparents have a neighborhood swimming pool like four houses down from them so I will be swimming a lot! It will be really fun! I can't wait to see all my friends! My cousin Devon is going to Houston next week and is going to stay down there for two weeks after that! She is babysitting for my 2ND cousin! My softball season is getting better! We actually won three games in a row! We beat an undefeated team! For the last three games I am going to be the pitcher! I am excited but I am also really nervous! My grandpa is working on it with me! Well I cant think of anything else to say so! Bye! Oh yea Fletcher came home yesterday for Father's Day!