Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Back Home!

Hey i am back home now! i am soo glad to be home but I miss all my friends in Mississippi! My friend marley came back with me! She left today! When i got home I left the next day to go on a mission trip in Oklahoma City! I had a lot of fun! Tommorow me and Maddie are going to Megan and devon's house! i am excited becasue I havnt seen them in a long time! Right when I got home they left to go to Huston! Tonight my dad and I are going to watch Gohst Ridder1 I am excited!School is starting August 15! I am not ready to go back to school yet! i am excited to see all my friends but not to do the learning part! Well I cant stay on long so I have to go! LYSM! K bye!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Hey It's me Again!

Hey well last night I spent the night with my cousin(Megan)! Then today we babysat my little sister and Megan's little sister! Then we went to my little cousin's (EmiLee's) softball game! Rain out games are going on right now! My rain out game is sometime soon but I'm not going to be there for it! I am leaving to go to Mississippi in 2 days! I am soo excited! I am going to pack all day tomorrow! right now I am listening to Potential Break Up Song by Aly and Aj! it's a really good song I like it a lot! My dad and I, and my little sister are about to go outside and play catch! Oh yeah by the way I got links to other blogs on my blog now so if you are interested in my mom's blog or my dad's or even my cousin's you can just click on them! I am going to add more when I figure out how to do that! my dad did it for me last night! Oh yeah and on Saturday I went to a wedding! This is a pic of me and Maddie at the wedding! It was fun! Well I have to go now but talk to you later! K bye!

Monday, July 9, 2007

I'm Going To Mississippi!

Hey sorry that my post is going to be kind of boring and ugly! I can't change the color of my text! I am very sad too! Well tonight I am spending the night with my cousin(Megan)for those of you who know who she is! I am going to Mississippi in 3 days! I am Sooo VERY excited! When I come back there is going to be a mission trip thing that the middle schoolers are doing! It's going to be in Oklahoma but it will be a lot of fun! I am very excited about that too! We get to spend the night at the church! My friend Marley who lives in Mississippi MIGHT be coming back home with me! If she does she MIGHT be doing the mission trip thing with me! It will be a lot of fun to have her do that with me! Well today I was outside and I was listening to my iPod and i bent down to get my ear phone and I accidentally hit a flower that we had in a flower pot and a bee came out and it stung me on the arm! Right where I have to bend my arm it was swollen for a little bit but I am all better! Well I have to go eat dinner so talk to you later! Bye!