Monday, September 10, 2007


Hello! I haven't been on in a SUPER long time! I have been really busy! Well last Thursday I was supposed to go to one of my schools football games but it got cancelled for sewer problems! It made me really mad! I was going to go with my friend Kelsey and we were both VERY sad so she asked her mom if I could come over and she said yes so I went to Kelsey's house on Thursday! Then on Friday I spent the night at Paige's house! It was fun! We pretty much just watched movies but they were good movies so that's good! We watched Disturbia and Blades of Glory! I fell asleep in the middle of both of them! It was funny because she was telling someone in Disturbia to run and I was half asleep and I turned over and asked her if she was talking to me and she was like NO I am talking to the TV, Kayleigh and I just turned over and went back to sleep! It was FUNNY you just had to be there for it! Yeah I hope they get their toilets fixed by Thursday or I will be really mad! I am expecting to go to this game! I guess I could go to the 7th grade games but that would be kind of awkward considering I don't really know that many 7th graders at my school! And the ones I do know go to the 8th grade games anyways! Today I didn't feel very good! My throat hurt and I had a cough! I am soooooooo EXCITED because I get to eat twice baked potatoes tonight for dinner! I♥TWICE BAKED POTATOES! OK well I think I should probably go so I will talk to you later!


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Kristin Nicole said...

hi!!! Sounds like you had a great weekend! yay:) I heart twice baked potatoes too! we should eat them together sometime. lol see you tomorrow.