Monday, September 17, 2007

Hi :)

Hello OK well this is kind of embarrassing but I just took an inner blond test and I got none of the questions right! It told me I was a true blond! Haha! well I guess it explains me though! Well today is my daddy's birthday and we went to Hunan Garden for his birthday dinner! Even though it's not my favorite I still ate it! I actually was wanting some sweet and sour chicken really badly! Well this weekend I get to go to Six Flags for Megan's birthday and I am so excited! I really and truly can't wait! We are going to leave on Saturday and go to Ardmore and stay at a hotel! Then on Sunday we are going to go the rest of the way and stay at Six Flags all day long! I am sooooo excited you don't even know! Today right when I got home we went to the Big Red Store to buy my Dad his birthday present. I had homework so I had to do my homework on the way there and then we went to see Bubba! He had eye surgery today so his eye is swollen but I think that it will be able to actually open now! I am excited to see it! When we got there (tcc) we had to sign in and while my mom and sister signed in I stood there and did my homework! It was kind of funny! Well last weekend I went to a Bethany football game. It was a lot of fun! Then I spent the night with Megan and Devon! Devon and her friend, well I guess she's my friend too, went to the fair with Devon's other friend Sandy! I think they had fun! That was on Saturday! On Saturday I went to my grandmother's house and watched OU play football! I got to try a Red Bull! It was good but it had a bad after taste! My mom's friend Angie and her daughter Ashleigh watched the game with us! My Dad went to the game with my uncle! Well that is pretty much all that has happened since the last time! O yea, I am feeling better now for those of you who knew I wasn't feeling good! OK well I got to go!


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